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Nia is a terrific, sensitive, and astute listener and communicator. Working with her has paid dividends for my sanity and happiness every day since. Better than therapy!


Coaching with Nia makes me feel like singing and dancing! She helps me figure out what works for me. She helps me see possibilities and not feel so overwhelmed. Working with her is truly life-changing.


I could go on and on about Nia, but will keep it to three points here. First and foremost: Integrity. It’s the #1 priority in everything I do; and if you spend any amount of time with Nia, you will know she is living from it. Second is the way she models having healthy boundaries while being at the same time sensitive and generous in serving her client’s growth. Third, her skill level not only is high; she regularly puts time and energy into deepening and expanding it through continuing education. I am fortunate to have worked with her.


Nia’s helped me to work on strategies that combat my mental and physical clutter, so that I can make more room for the creative side of me to be successful.


Nia’s helped me make some key decisions and move forward in areas where I was treading water. One of the biggest goals she helped me achieve was publishing my memoirs, a project I’m very proud of. I highly recommend Nia to anyone seeking a great coach.


Nia provides an energetic combination of expertise, sensitivity, excellent humor, fun, and a genuine desire to help.

Local Psychotherapist

I met Nia in a previous incarnation when she did professional organizing. Anyone who saw my basement back then knows why I needed her help. At the time, I felt that she was massively underutilized because of her intuitive psychological skills and intelligence. I was happy to find out that she had transitioned into life coaching, and that she has all the pertinent training for that field. She’s honest as the day is long and I’m really rooting for her to develop her practice. I don’t usually wax on like this about referrals, but I really think she’s got the good stuff.


I saw Nia’s ad a year (maybe two?) before calling. I had been contemplating a career shift for several years. I was stuck and worried coaching would only add to my sense of overwhelm. Not so. I accomplished two goals in a matter of months. The experience has been empowering.


Thank you so much for yesterday! You helped me pull apart a major energetic log jam.


Our coaching sessions are always enlightening and have been a key part of my overall success.


My coaching experience with Nia has been a very productive partnership marked by many noticeable improvements in my productivity and how I relate to people. When I began working with Nia, I thought I was ineffective and inefficient with my time. Through Nia’s coaching, I was prompted to carefully consider and list my personal values. In my months of coaching, I came to understand that I was sacrificing my personal values and goals in exchange for people’s opinions of me. Nia was effective at helping me identify my blindspots and she challenged some of the criticisms I had of myself, which helped me learn how to say yes to my own goals all the time and say no to all the other noise. Having that external objective perspective helped me grow so much. I have accomplished far more in these past few months than I even set out to do, and I’m confident it’s because of the personal growth that Nia helped guide me through.


Grateful, as always, for the work we’ve done so far together to get this into motion. I’m seeing the fruits of this partnership and the manifestations of it happening all over the place, and this is just the surface!


I still thank the person who recommended Nia to me several years ago. She has made a huge difference in my life. If someone were to ask me to sum up Nia in a single word, I would choose “empathy.” It is a quality you cannot fake. Nia is keenly interested in her clients lives and the issues they face. She really enjoys her work and that enthusiasm is contagious. I looked forward to our appointments and felt a sense of elation and accomplishment after we finished. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


With Nia’s help I’ve learned to play to my strengths. I’ve designed a simple task management system involving 3 lists and 3 corresponding “task racks” that I engage with daily. I’m performing at a completely different level, and I feel energized! The fundamental shift is that I’m no longer letting life run me around: I’m forging my own path with my intentions, decisions, actions, and self-confidence.


You’ve made my “dreaded tasks” not only bearable, but enjoyable! The experience of working together has literally changed my life.


What do you do when you’ve seen yourself (and lived!) as a talented, creative and competent individual but discover that major life shifts and turning points leave you feeling a bit bereft, stuck and at a loss? This was me as I faced retirement, a move across the country, the end of rewarding era and the beginning of new unknown possibilities. I had the desire to get things in motion, but honestly felt stuck and overwhelmed. A bit of research, a few phone calls and great, good luck brought me in contact with Nia. Nia saw who I’d been and brought me back to myself. Our conversations were uplifting, focused and supportive. Tasks and details began to clarify and gain muscle. Nia helped me discover a process of engaging, imagining, and “doing” that began to build momentum. I remembered how joyful hard work and growth can be when it’s aligned with the desires and values (both big and small) of who you are and where you’re going. I’m on the other side of change now and can’t wait to continue my work with Nia as I begin the next, beautiful cycle of life.

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