Lost? Stuck? Overwhelmed? Want to be more organized, productive, confident and relaxed?

Lost?  Stuck?  Overwhelmed?

Ready to be more organized, productive, confident and relaxed?

Sound Familiar?

I work with people who have busy lives and big, hearty dreams. They’re often downsizers, moms, solopreneurs, procrastinators, artists, adults with ADD/ADHD, small business owners, and people in big life transitions. They have all sorts of organizing challenges and goals. What unites them is that they are all highly motivated to change their relationship with disorganization.

Asking for help.

When my clients first contact me they’re usually a bit hesitant: not exactly sure that I can help or what working together is going to look like. But they have a positive hunch and they muster the courage to get in touch. I recognize that inviting me into your life isn’t necessarily easy. Please know that I’m open-minded and compassionate, and that I will work hard to earn your trust. You can rest assured that I handle client confidentiality very seriously.

It’s a process.

Yes, it’s true: “organizing one’s stuff” is best accomplished by following a process (sort, purge, assign homes, add structure, maintain). But the bigger work of “learning to be organized” involves a different process, one that transfers the focus from the stuff to the person. And this is where my clients stand out: they wish to go deeper – to consider how their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and life experience impact their disorganization. Approached in this holistic way they are primed to experience essential insights that foster the life-changing transformation they seek.

In short, I help clients learn to become organized for the long term, not get organized in a hurry. Our work will take a close look at your values and needs, your strengths, your limitations, and your support systems. Depending on your goals, we might experiment with how you prioritize your commitments, manage your time, or engage with tasks. These are just three examples of areas where clients often wish to grow.

A growth mindset helps.

A growth mindset helps facilitate the organizing process. A great book that discusses the power of mindset is Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, PhD (Random House, 2006). Here are some growth-oriented beliefs and traits that position us for success in our work together:

  • A genuine belief that change is possible
  • Openness to learning
  • Curiosity about oneself
  • Commitment to giving one’s fullest effort
  • Willingness to try new things, to explore new perspectives
  • Receptivity to constructive feedback
  • Persistence in the face of setbacks

Chronic or Situational?

Being “disorganized” can mean different things to different people. Very often, though, it manifests in a combination of waste, stress, shame, underachievement, and missed opportunity.

  • If you’re chronically disorganized it means you’ve been disorganized for a very long time, your attempts to get organized haven’t yielded meaningful change, and your prospects for change are low if things remain as-is.
  • If you’re situationally disorganized it means that you’re generally organized but a big, disruptive life event (or sometimes more than one) has propelled you into a period of temporary and unfamiliar disorganization.

In either case you’re likely feeling stuck and discouraged – unsure how to proceed, and perhaps not convinced that any effort you invest will pay off.

Lots of decisions to make.

At the center of the organizing process is decision-making.  And the prefrontal cortex — the part of your brain that oversees executive function — gets a real workout during our sessions. If you have ADD/ADHD I want you to know that I have training and experience that help me support my ADD/ADHD clients. We can work together to find creative, effective ways to design our partnership and make the process work for your unique brain.

Are you ready for this work?

The organizing journey (attempting big change) is not without potholes, bumps, and blind curves! Most of us know this from “failed” attempts. The support of a trained and compassionate professional, like myself, can make a big difference in helping you stay on the path. I help my clients learn to anticipate the potholes, navigate around them, and get out when they fall in. So while the inevitable setbacks can be dispiriting, my clients – who are aware that the change they seek will likely require persistent effort over months, sometimes years – learn to bounce back and keep moving forward.

Three questions to consider...

A successful partnership depends on a good match, which is something we feel out early on. To help get you thinking about partnership, here are 3 questions to consider:
  • Can I commit to 2-3 sessions per month with Nia?
  • Can I commit to working on my goals outside of sessions?
  • Am I open to the experience of being coached?

Explore the Self Assessment Tool to learn more.

"Nia made this 'dreaded task' not only bearable, but enjoyable!"


"Nia made this 'dreaded task' not only bearable, but enjoyable!"


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Nia Spongberg, CPO®, COC®, ACC
(734) 531-9024
PO Box 3044, Ann Arbor, MI 48106