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I offer two services. Local clients often begin with integrated support and later transition to coaching support. Clients in far-away places can benefit from a coaching partnership.

—  Integrated Support

Integrated sessions provide you with a mix of coaching (generally 1 hour) and hands-on organizing (generally 2 hours), lasting a total of 3 hours. Integrated sessions are conducted in-person at your home or office in the Ann Arbor area.

—  Coaching Support

Coaching sessions are 1 hour conversations, conducted by phone. Coaching is ideal for clients who live in remote locations and/or don’t need hands-on support.


Each session is focused on whatever your objectives are for the day in relation to your larger goal, so every session will have its own purpose and flow, but all sessions are structured to:

  • Build up your organizing skills and confidence
  • Tap into and capitalize on your creativity
  • Design solutions that work for your brain
  • Develop structures and routines that support your goals
  • Create conditions that foster your health and wellness
  • Remove barriers to your productivity and happiness


When you hire me I become your partner on the organizing journey. We’re then bound by a shared commitment to realizing your goals. As with any sound partnership, we must co-create shared expectations and understandings for how our partnership will work. Honesty, respect, and curiosity are at the core of it all.


The work I do with clients can bring up a mix of emotions. Sometimes it can be very liberating and energizing. Other times it can be draining and difficult. All are legitimate responses. As we work we’re mindful of emotions and energy levels and we collaborate to find ways of making the process as enjoyable as possible.

Related Services

Clients occasionally ask for my help delivering donations, researching products, or shopping for supplies. I’m usually happy to assist with these tasks and charge my regular rate for the time involved.

My Rate

I charge $110 per hour for all of my services.

More About:  Coaching

Coaching is about you: who you are as a person, who you have the potential to be, and how we can close the gap between where you are now (your current performance) and where you wish to be (what you're capable of). In other words, coaching is about helping you achieve your goals.

It’s very important to understand that coaching looks at you as a whole person. It extends beyond the “disorganized you” who’s hired me ("I constantly run late, can't find things, and feel overwhelmed!") and helps us understand the bigger, more complex and complete you. So among other things we will look at your values, needs, beliefs, behaviors, strengths, and unique brain. By exploring all this stuff, coaching invites you to move into territory that you probably haven’t considered before. It gets at heart of things and helps you discover how to make better decisions and take actions that are informed by (and contribute to) achieving your goals.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a goal-focused program that looks to the future. It is also a partnership of equals between you (the client) and me (the coach). Our partnership honors you as the expert of your own life.  The ongoing conversation we share serves as a dedicated, judgment-free “place” where you get to show up, be vulnerable, explore topics about yourself, and practice engaging in new ways.

As your coach, I provide you with:

Support - by listening closely, asking powerful questions, challenging you to stretch yourself, and co-creating a safe space for your exploration

Accountability - by asking you to report on actions you’ve taken, inviting you to evaluate what you learned from them, and reminding you of your goals and commitments to yourself

Guidance - by providing structure for our conversations and sharing pertinent information and perspective (when you ask for it, or when you grant permission for me to share it)

What makes coaching effective?

In coaching, it’s you who sets the agenda.  You bring the topics for our discussions; you decide what’s important for us to talk about. Coaching is therefore most effective when:

  • you show up consistently (to our sessions, and in between sessions)
  • you take responsibility for your learning
  • you are willing to be vulnerable
  • you are committed to self-reflection and self-improvement over a sustained period of time
  • you are genuinely curious to understand yourself, and to experiment with new and different ways of thinking and being

Coaching is an iterative process. It moves you from one place to another in gradual but meaningful increments. It is premised on an "Awareness - Action - Learning" model:

Awareness - Action - Learning

Awareness - By building awareness of yourself and your situation you develop deeper understanding. You come to see your situation in a fresh way, become curious about something you hadn’t considered before, and/or experience new insight.

Action - As awareness builds, you’re inspired to take a new, informed action in pursuit of your goal.

Learning - Whether or not you succeed in completing the action or run into an obstacle that prevents its completion, we can learn something from it. We take that learning and gain further new awareness, reinforcing the loop. Over time as you experience more and more success with action completion (i.e. goal achievement), you bring things into alignment.

How will I benefit from coaching?

The coaching we do supports you in experiencing insights, seeing possibilities, experimenting with change, and building habits. It celebrates and champions who you are and offers rich opportunity for self-discovery, engaging your strengths, and realizing your potential. As a result of coaching, you will:

  • Become more resourceful and self-empowered
  • Close the gap between your intentions and your achievement
  • Bring things into alignment so you can be your best and live the life you seek

While our coaching sessions are filled with value, the real benefit of coaching is most often realized between sessions when you apply your emerging awareness and learning directly to your life.

More About:  Organizing

While the coaching we do is focused on you, the organizing we do is focused on the more "tangible" reasons you've hired me - namely your disorganized stuff, space, tasks, and time. Organizing is hands-on: we work side-by-side side as a team, roll up our sleeves, and dig in. We open spaces up, spread things out, and make lots of piles. Often midway through a session it can look like we’ve created an even bigger mess!  But that’s actually a necessary and controlled part of the process. You make decisions about what to keep or what to let go. Then we put your items away in a new, functional order that’s carefully designed (by you!) to work for your brain and support your lifestyle. Organizing is a lot more fun if it doesn’t feel like a chore so I encourage things like music, short breaks, and milestone rewards.

What is hands-on organizing?

Organizing boils down to arranging things in a systematic way so they can be both put away and retrieved efficiently in support of a person’s activities.

When we organize together we follow this five-step process:

  • Sorting: we group what you have into meaningful categories by putting “like with like”
  • Purging: after sorting  we can “see the whole” and you can make informed decisions about what to keep or let go
  • Assigning Homes: after purging we can figure out where and how your “keeper items” should be re-stored
  • Adding Structure: when re-storing, we sometimes add new structures (bins, dividers, shelving, labels, etc) that enhance organization
  • Maintaining: once everything is re-stored you work to maintain the new order; this final step is key and can often be neglected; it involves regular engagement and habituating new behaviors into routines
What makes hands-on organizing effective?

Most clients contact me because they're daunted by the prospect of dealing with their cluttered spaces - the task can seem so big, and approaching it alone can be overwhelming. My hands-on organizing service therefore comes as a huge relief for many people: when I show up you suddenly have a partner to help you tackle the job!  Not only do I bring energy and moral support, I also bring an added set of hands and feet (allowing us to get more done in a given time period) and years of experience in the field. I have lots of ideas and can share suggestions and strategies for your consideration. Teaming up can thus be very effective at helping you toward your goals.

How will I benefit from hands-on organizing?

Throughout our organizing process you gain direct, hands-on experience. I help you build up your organizing skills and confidence by explaining organizing principles, demonstrating how they apply in real life, and engaging you in the process so that it’s as instructive and rewarding as possible. As we organize we’re mindful of wanting to design new systems that will appeal to your sensibilities and help you maintain order over the long term. Cookie cutter solutions rarely work, so instead we explore and tap into your strengths and preferences and design systems based around your brain and lifestyle. Your openness to experimenting with new ways of doing things and your corresponding commitment to "practice-practice-practice!" is key to the process.

“It’s not stressful anymore to sort mail, pay bills, file everything, and do our taxes. I know where everything is!”

~ Olivia

“It’s not stressful anymore to sort mail, pay bills, file everything, and do our taxes. I know where everything is!”

~ Olivia

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Nia Spongberg, CPO®, COC®, ACC
(734) 531-9024
PO Box 3044, Ann Arbor, MI 48106