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Nia provides an energetic combination of expertise, sensitivity, excellent humor, fun, and a genuine desire to help.


Nia helps me to see my situation in ways I hadn’t considered before. Having this new perspective really changes things. I’m making better decisions that result in outcomes I feel good about. Nia’s patience, ability to listen, great questions, and genuine support are invaluable.


I’ve worked with Nia over the past two years. We began by defining my life goals. In a gentle and patient manner she’s helped me tackle some of the problems I face as a very disorganized yet creative person who struggles with ADHD (I’m blessed with lots of creative ideas racing through my head!) that’s only been recently diagnosed. I now understand that I have difficulty establishing routines and finishing projects, and I’m very aware that I need to include structure in my life. Nia’s helped me to work on strategies that combat my mental and physical clutter, so that I can make more room for the creative side of me to be successful.


Nia brings joy and enthusiasm with her and I can’t imagine having done this with anyone else.


What do you do when you’ve seen yourself (and lived!) as a talented, creative and competent individual but discover that major life shifts and turning points leave you feeling a bit bereft, stuck and at a loss? This was me as I faced retirement, a move across the country, the end of rewarding era and the beginning of new unknown possibilities. I had the desire to get things in motion, but honestly felt stuck and overwhelmed. A bit of research, a few phone calls and great, good luck brought me in contact with Nia.

—Deborah 1

Nia saw who I’d been and brought me back to myself. Our conversations were uplifting, focused and supportive. Tasks and details began to clarify and gain muscle. Nia helped me discover a process of engaging, imagining, and “doing” that began to build momentum. I remembered how joyful hard work and growth can be when it’s aligned with the desires and values (both big and small) of who you are and where you’re going. I’m on the other side of change now and can’t wait to continue my work with Nia as I begin the next, beautiful cycle of life.”

—Deborah 2

Coaching with Nia makes me feel like singing and dancing! She helps me figure out what works for me. She helps me see possibilities and not feel so overwhelmed. Working with her is truly life-changing.


Nia made my “dreaded tasks” not only bearable, but enjoyable! The experience of working with her has literally changed my life.


Nia is a positive presence and a great guide. She’s creative and collaborative. She has helped me to get clear on my goals, to understand myself better, and to take new actions and develop practical strategies for circumventing the roadblocks that pop up between me and my goals. She’s supported me in learning how to manage my time and to- do’s in more effective ways. Our coaching sessions are always enlightening and have been a key part of my overall success.


Nia is a terrific, sensitive, and astute listener and communicator. Working with her has paid dividends for my sanity and happiness every day since. Better than therapy!


Nia has been very helpful in helping me think through the office-related functions of my business. I knew what I needed to do, but couldn’t figure out where or how to start. Working with Nia has helped my company to run a lot more smoothly.


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