Festival Celebrating Women & ADHD

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Yesterday I attended the Better Together Festival in Manchester, Michigan. This event was a celebration of Women with ADHD and their journeys through life. The event was hosted by Sari Solden, who is a psychotherapist, best selling author, and leader in the field of Women and ADHD. The celebration marked the 20th anniversary of the publication of her groundbreaking book, “Women with Attention Deficit Disorder.”

Fun times with my organizing colleagues: Susan Hunsberger (Ann Arbor, MI), Alison Lush (Montreal, QC), Mindy Fairbanks (Milan, MI), Lynne Poulton (Stow, OH)

Participants traveled from around the country and Europe to attend. I was one of seven professional organizers who participated. As organizers, we often partner with clients who have ADHD. For me, personally, yesterday was about supporting this fabulous community of women and deepening my awareness and understanding as a professional.

Susan Hunsberger, Sari Solden, and Mindy Fairbanks

The day included lots of socializing and networking, hosted hangout sessions, speeches, musical performances, activities such as art and yoga, a talent show, dancing, and two delicious meals. Some of the many speakers included:

– Sari Solden
– Ellen Littman
– Terry Matlen
– Linda Roggli
– Jerry Mills
– Geri Markel
– Kevin Roberts
– Dr. Stephen Copps & Dr. Edna Copeland
– David Giwerc (ADDCA)
– Evelyn Polk Green & Duane Gordon (ADDA)
– Joyce Kubic (ACO)
– Andrea Bilbow (ADDIS)
– Tara McGillicuddy (ADDclasses.com)

The festival was hosted at Sharon Mills Metropark, which was a gorgeous venue. The chilly, rainy weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits! We kept warm in the heated tents and by engaging in some seriously competitive lawn games!

Yesterday was a very special┬áreminder to me that I am so lucky to do the work that I do – with clients I enjoy so much, and with the camaraderie and support of such wonderful peers.

Institute for Challenging Disorganization; ICD; ICD Organizers

Alison, Mindy, Susan, Molly, Lynne and I are all members of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization

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