I’m a

I help adventurous people blaze new trails and thrive in their time, tasks, and transitions.

Let’s Go Adventuring!


When we coach…

You and I are a team of two, journeying through uncharted territory in search of the insight and change you seek.

Along the way…

We figure out how to sharpen your skills, tap into your resources, and make room for your amazing gifts to shine.

In the end…

Our work gives rise to life-changing new ways of thinking and being which help you get clear, get in motion, and get to your goal.

My Clients


I work with people whose goals relate to productivity, sense of self, and quality of life. If you’re seeking to grow in one (or more) of these 3 areas, I can help:



You wish to somehow change your relationship with time so that it becomes light, spacious, and healthy.



You wish to somehow manage your to-do’s differently, so that you can relax and know that your affairs are in order.



You wish to navigate through a major life transition with grace and ease, and come out thriving on the other side.

Ready to

let your light shine?

So, Why Coaching?



Coaching is a proven method for helping people achieve goals, maximize their potential, and make lasting changes in their lives.


Coaching invites you to try on new perspectives, experiment with different ways of doing things, and learn from your experiences.


Over time and with practice, coaching supports you in bringing your actions and intentions into alignment, stepping into your gifts, and realizing your dreams.

I’d love to help you grow!