I help adventurous people blaze new trails in their time, tasks, and transitions.

I help adventurous people blaze new trails in their time, tasks, and transitions.

Let’s Go Adventuring!

When we coach you and I are a team of two, journeying through uncharted territory in search of the insight and change you seek.

Coaching is a proven method for helping people achieve goals, maximize their potential, and make lasting changes in their lives.

Along the way we figure out how to sharpen your skills, tap into your resources, and make room for your amazing gifts to shine.

Coaching invites you to try on new perspectives, experiment with different ways of doing things, and learn from your experiences.

In the end our work gives rise to life-changing new ways of thinking and being — which free you to get clear, get in motion, and get to your goals.

Over time and with practice, coaching supports you in bringing your actions and intentions into alignment and stepping fully into your gifts.

I’m Nia


I’m a life coach in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I work with courageous people around the country who are ready to take a close look at themselves and change things up. Often their goals relate to productivity, sense of self, and quality of life.

My coaching style is structured yet open, curiosity-based, and trusts deeply in your self-wisdom.

I can help you get unstuck, learn to align your actions with your intentions, step fully into your gifts, and accomplish your goals.


Perhaps you wish to change your relationship with time so that it becomes light, spacious, and healthy?


Perhaps you wish to manage your “to-do’s” more effectively, so that you feel competent and confident, and can relax in knowing your affairs are in order?


Perhaps you wish to navigate a major life transition with grace and come out thriving on the other side?


Coaching has the power to change lives in significant and lasting ways. Its power, however, extends only so far as you permit it. Fixed thinking and narrow beliefs will limit you. A growth mindset, on the other hand, positions you for rich outcomes. Here are some growth-oriented beliefs.

  • A genuine belief that change is possible
  • Openness to learning
  • Receptivity to constructive feedback
  • Persistence in the face of setbacks
  • Willingness to try new things and explore new perspectives


Honest-to-goodness curiosity about yourself is another key ingredient in a resonant coaching experience. You must be willing to be honest with yourself (and me) and explore the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, assumptions and behaviors that have gotten you to this place in life.

  • Do they still serve you?
  • How do you get in your own way?
  • Who do you have the capacity to be?
  • What are you noticing that’s capturing your interest?


News flash! The path to change will always have some potholes, cliffs, and blind curves. Must of us know this from “failed” attempts in the past. Having the support of a coach can help keep you on the path – but you also have to be ready for the adventure.

  • Are you in a place of strong mental health?
  • Are you genuinely motivated?
  • Is this a priority for you?
  • Can you commit the time that will be needed?


Coaching is not a quick fix. It’s an iterative process that metes out its rewards gradually, generally in proportion to what you’ve put in. Outcomes are enhanced by your willingness to trust in the process.

  • Are you able to be patient?
  • Can you trust in me as your coach?
  • Can you relax into the journey, and set aside fixation on the destination?
  • When you experience discomfort or insight, will you be open to exploring it?
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