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To Support Your Transformational Change


  • Overwhelmed by your stuff?
  • Surrounded by clutter?
  • Struggling with follow through?
  • Unclear on priorities?
  • Not managing your time well?
  • Stumped by the to-do’s on your list?
  • Discouraged by your space?
  • Stuck at a crossroads?
  • Tired of the same results?
  • Know that you’re not living to your potential?

Serious about making a change?

Being disorganized makes life hard. It makes it difficult to achieve your goals and impossible to be your best. But take heart. The clutter and chaos doesn’t mean life is broken; they just indicate that it’s out of alignment.

There’s hope!

Whatever your situation, you can learn to be organized and productive. And I can help. Here’s how.

We slow down. We get curious. We open up to learning and invest in becoming more aware of what makes you tick.

We explore your strengths, try on different perspectives, and experiment with new ways of doing things. You commit to taking actions of your own design. We examine what works, and we learn from your successes.

Gradually, with practice (independently, and via our coaching and hands-on organizing sessions) we bring your actions and intentions into alignment so that you’re achieving your goals!

“My work is about people and ultimately about growth ~ it’s about supporting the person you are becoming.”

-Nia Spongberg, CPO®, COC®, ACC

Nia Spongberg

“After spending years overwhelmed by the chaos of a small house occupied by a family of four (plus three cats and a dog!) I decided to reach out for help. Honestly I was skeptical as to whether we could actually be helped, and Nia absolutely exceeded my expectations.”


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Nia Spongberg, CPO®, COC®, ACC  |  (734) 531-9024  |  |  PO Box 3044, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Nia Spongberg, CPO®, COC®, ACC
(734) 531-9024
PO Box 3044, Ann Arbor, MI 48106